Alerts and Notices


New City Yard Waste Guidelines:

Duke Power: Replaced utility lines and have easement access to do so. Should you have any issues with the work in your area or on your property, contact [email protected]. Or Duke Power Support at 800.777.9898

Fishing at Adams Farm Lake:  Residents and Guests (only) may enjoy fishing on lake beside walking trails. There is no fishing permitted in rear of homes (Millhouse, Brandermill, Highstream, and Coveview)

City to fine if Trash Cans not stowed: Click here for more info.

City illegal Dumping Notice- city fines

While on your walks, please remove dog excrement. Pet stations are throughout Adams Farm.

Message from your HOA President  Click Here 

Mackay Road Widening: City reports bids will go out in January 2024. This project is still pending due to (lack of) funding. Information subject to change.


Repaired Erosion at Dam

Shoulder Repairs on Parkways

Bridle Ridge Railing replaced

New Swings at Playground

Bridle Ridge Parkway to be repaved late 2024

All fire hydrants have been repainted on both Parkways

New Mood Center Signage Installed

New Professional Adams Farm Business Sign installed on Adams Farm Lane

New Mackay Entrance plantings

New Median Plantings

New Solar Tree Lights at Hilltop Entrance and near Lagoon

Sprayed (environmentally friendly) Vegetation/Plants around lake

Repaired sections on Walking Trails

New vine plantings on berms off Adams Farm Parkway

New flowers planted at each subdivision sign

New drums added to playground equipment

New Pedestrian Crossing Flasher on Bridle Ridge

Mackay Road & Hilltop Railroad Crossing Repair (smoother transition to cross)

Installed solar lights at walking tunnel near Dam & Bridle Ridge

Installed lights to illuminate Subdivision Signs

Installed lights on Walking Trail (rear of Cranebridge & Hartridge)

Trimmed all trees at dam(stay off rocks signs installed along creek @ dam)

Fresh Paint & New Trim on Boat House- accent lighting nearby on trees

New Paint on culvert wall near dam under Adams Farm Parkway

Removed overgrowth vegetation around lake & lagoon

Repaired all water intakes around Lake

New Hand-holds on Playground Gym

New Lake Fountain

Trimmed back trees on Parkway

New LED Light at Gazebo

New Playground Sandbox Surround (and more sand)

New LED Color Lights under Bridge at dam

'No Access' Sign installed (near Millhouse)

Lagoon Bridge stained

Lake Retaining Wall repairs have begun (rear of Brandermill completed)

Installed new posts at playground & athletic field (to prevent vehicles entering)

Subdivision Signs freshly painted

Mulch Spread and mulch at (29) cul-de-sacs

Erosion work completed at Adams Farm Parkway (behind Millhouse)

Pine Needles spread on both Parkways

Erosion retaining walls on (4) sections on walking trails by August 2024

New Flag at Gazebo flag pole

New Sandbox Toys at Playground

Beaver Trap: We are in the process of removing our little friends who have made house in creek off walking trail near Bridle Ridge. Removed beavers behind Madison Apartments off trail.


Please email us at with any questions/concerns- we're here to assist our Residents!


NOTICE: The Adams Farm Community Association is not affiliated with the Nextdoor App

The city allows an easement to utility companies and we unfortunately can not mandate the scope of their work.   Any issues affecting your property can be discussed with North State Customer Service Center at 36-886-3600 or toll free 866-542-5900

Girl Scouts in your area: Please contact Leisa Fink at 336-369-7437 or [email protected]

Report Suspicious Activity:  Click Here        Protect your Auto:  Click Here

Safety Tips (when a stranger knocks on your door)   Click Here alt

No dumping, of any kind, in the common area is permitted

No Loitering after Dusk in the Adams Farm Community- City Police will Ticket

No Solicitation within the Adams Farm Community: Adams Farm has a policy to NOT permit solicitation anywhere on the property. Signs indicating the same are posted at all entrances. 

Please garage all vehicles or park in driveway: PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON STREET

Please leash dogs

Coyote: If you see a coyote during the day please call animal control at 336-641-5990. If you see a coyote during the night please contact the police.

Beavers:  Attached is N.C. Wildlife Response to Beavers within Adams Farm Click Here Residents are encouraged to wrap wire mesh at the base of any tree on their property which might be affected by Beaver activity. The HOA will wire mesh those trees on common area that might be affected as well.